Plantation shutters
in Wodonga

If you are looking for an attractive and unique window dressing designed to coordinate with a range of interior designs and last through the years, then you can’t go wrong with plantation shutters.
While similar in design to conventional blinds, they become an architectural element of your home because they are installed directly onto the window. Like traditional blinds, they feature horizontal slats that help block out light, but they are mounted directly onto a sturdy frame connected to the window.
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They can be installed either on the inside or outside of the window box, depending on whether the windows have decorative elements you want to accentuate. For controlling light and air, an outside mount is usually the most successful. Plantation shutters can come in an array of colours to highlight your home’s decor. You can choose from natural wood shades that give your home a traditional look, as well as a selection of colours such as white, black, brown and others. Unlike other blinds, plantation shutters cannot be raised and lowered. Instead, the slats can be tilted up and down to provide added light control. This also helps adjust the amount of air allowed into the room. When fully closed, they provide superior privacy and are capable of blocking out virtually all light. Because they are measured and customised to fit each window, you can assure they will be a perfect fit for your windows. They can even be made for highly decorative windows with arches and other unconventional shapes.
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Why choose plantation shutters at Homestead Blinds

Plantation shutters are a beautiful option for virtually any home. They are also highly durable when compared to many other blinds, as they are typically made from solid wood or aluminium. Wood shutters can be stained or painted to reflect any design ideas you may have, or aluminium ones can be powder coated for superior durability as well as to feature any colour you desire. Because they are so simple in design, plantation shutters work with a range of decor schemes, including modern and traditional. They’ll never go out of style and typically last for decades. Since they are built right into the windows, they may also increase the resale value of your home. Unlike many other forms of blinds, they can even be made to accommodate double, triple or even bigger windows and some hinged to open and close into the room, similar to a French door.
Brown Venetian - Homestead Blinds in Wodonga VIC
If you are looking for the ultimate in blinds, then plantation shutters are a good choice for your home. They can accommodate your style while also providing a striking element to your home that will often last the life of your windows. If you decide to go with another option later, they can be uninstalled easily. We provide a range of plantation shutters, and all of our products are measured to fit your precise windows. We’ll also provide you with a free quote on the products and installation when you make a selection. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to set up your appointment.