External window treatments
in Wodonga

At Homestead Blinds, we provide a range of external window treatments for both residential and commercial use. Whether you want something that is decorative while also offering superior light and heat control, or something that will increase the safety of your home or business, we have the external window treatments you need.

All our products can be specially made to fit your
windows. We’ll even come out to conduct a free measure and quote.

Our team can help you find the external blinds and awnings you need. We are highly
knowledgeable about all our products, and we’ll take the time to understand your
needs so we can match our product suite to what you’re home desires. We have a
wide range of external window treatments, including:

Security Window - Homestead Blinds in Wodonga VIC

Canvas Window Awnings

These are ideally suited for areas where the windows have no coverage or protection from the sun. They will stop the heat from penetrating the glass while also adding a tailored look to your home or business. They shade the glass to keep the heat out, which not only protects your skin, furnishings and carpeting from fading due to UV rays, but will also prevent the heat from warming your home, saving you money on your monthly air conditioning bills.

Our outdoor awnings are treated to prevent mould and mildew growth, both of which are unsightly as well as potentially harmful to your health. This makes our awnings low maintenance and will maintain their attractive appearance for years to come while offering full protection for your home.

We carry a wide range of awning fabrics so you can customise your products to reflect the look you want. You can choose full coverage, as well as more transparent fabrics that will block out light while still allowing you to see out.

Security Grilles - Homestead Blinds in Wodonga VIC

Security Doors

We provide security doors for homes and businesses to keep your space safer and more secure. You can choose between styles that range from traditional to newer “Invisi-Gard” doors that combine the strength of marine-grade 316 stainless steel with the beauty and flexibility of aluminium.

They provide clarity of vision with uncompromised security for your home. We also have Alspec Security doors, which are designed and engineered with long-lasting beauty and maximum protection in mind. Choose between doors with concealed hinges, durable high-quality finish options and clean, elegant styling that provides beauty as well as function. You can choose from a wide range of styles and all doors can be custom made to fit your doorway.

Security Window - Homestead Blinds in Wodonga VIC

Security Grilles

Grilles can be placed on windows and other openings to provide added security to your home. They not only keep intruders out but also keep children from climbing in and out of windows. Our grilles are made to last and created to protect your home or office without detracting from the aesthetics of your home. We have a huge variety available, including all sizes and colours to suit your needs.

Black Window - Homestead Blinds in Wodonga VIC

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