Interior blinds
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Adding interior blinds to your home is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your space without having to spend a fortune redecorating.
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Types of interior blinds

There are many types of internal blinds to choose from, and we carry virtually all of the most popular types and brands available. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we offer a wide selection to accommodate as many valued customers as possible. Currently, we provide the following interior blind options:

Vertical Drapes

Vertical drapes create an elongated effect for an elegant but modern appearance. They come in an array of fashionable colours and patterns ideally suited for both commercial and domestic settings. They can be customised during installation with coordinating pelmets, decorative faces and traditional rings and finials for a transitional look in homes that have a more classic vibe. Vertical drapes also provide adequate privacy and prevent excessive sunlight entering a room. They can be easily moved aside, however, to allow natural light to filter in.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds come in a variety of slat widths and finish options, so you can truly customise them to suit your home. We have a number of remakes of the classic 50mm aluminium blind in a variety of colours that will easily complement modern homes. They are highly durable and long-lasting, designed to allow for full control of the sunlight and airflow you receive. Let in as much or as little as needed for your personal comfort.

Cedar Venetians

Our cedar Venetian blinds are made from real, natural timber for a soothing, earthy and elegant look. Our timber shutters and blinds not only offer superior light, heat and air control, but also add a unique aesthetic that instantly transforms any room. They can be integrated into virtually any surroundings, from formal rooms to more laid back and even modern designs. Timber is a natural insulator, so your blinds will help hold in cool or warm air and keep the outdoor air from penetrating. This creates a much more stable indoor temperature. All of our timber Venetians have a fully enclosed cedar headbox for a uniform look.

Slimline Venetians

If you are looking for something that is as beautiful and sleek as it is practical, then don’t look any further than our slimline Venetians. They have a tilt wand and pull cord for full control, so you can not only open and close the blind, but also angle them to deflect light when necessary. These type of blinds provide full viewing to the outdoors while offering privacy from the outside in. Choose from a range of attractive colours.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds create a contemporary feel in any room, while also appearing casual enough to coordinate well in even more traditional homes. They offer clean, sleek lines that are not only stylish but also practical and available in a number of attractive styles. They can be raised or lowered for privacy or for heat and air retention. We provide Roman blinds in a range of colours and textures, as well as those with functional purposes, such as sun blocking. They are manually cord operated for added convenience.

Roller Blinds

While roller blinds are contemporary in design, they are also simple enough to make a statement amongst more classic decor. They’re available in a wide range of translucent and blackout fabrics in assorted colours to accent your current interior design. They’re also easy to operate and install, making them a popular choice in window treatments.

Sunscreen Blinds

Block out more of the sun and heat with sunscreen blinds. They are a specialised type of roller blind that reduces heat and glare while allowing you to view outdoors. They let natural light filter through without sacrificing their functional purposes. You will experience less glare on the TV or elsewhere, while still being able to enjoy full viewing capabilities through your window.

Holland Blinds

Holland blinds are traditional in design and one of the most economical ways to manage the heat and light allowed into your home. They are highly functional while also being visually appealing. We carry options that are opaque for complete and total privacy, as well as translucent colours that allow soft lighting to filter through. For a decorative appearance, we can add a scallop, fringe or cut-out from our range of choices.

If you are interested in getting a measurement or free quote for your interior blinds purchase, give us a call today!

Holland Blinds

While similar in design to conventional blinds, they become an architectural element of your home because they are installed directly onto the window. Like traditional blinds, they feature horizontal slats that help block out light, but they are mounted directly onto a sturdy frame connected to the window. They can be installed either on the inside or outside of the window box, depending on whether the windows have decorative elements you want to accentuate. For controlling light and air, an outside mount is usually the most successful.

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They are not only a great way to add privacy and security to your home, but also come in a range of styles, sizes and colours to achieve the specific aesthetic you are going for. We have an enormous selection of interior blinds for residential homes or commercial businesses, many of which are manufactured by top brands. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the right window treatments, perform all measurements and handle the installation.